At Cooper Hurley our clients from the Eastern Shore of Virginia and elsewhere are saying great things about us. In many cases they use our services for a second time. The last thing we want to see is you being involved in another accident but if it happens you can be sure we will fight for you to get the best settlement you can from the insurers and we’ll take the case to court if necessary.

See our client testimonials.


“I was injured in an auto accident in Norfolk, Virginia. I was driving on the interstate heading west in the left lane when another driver came over in my lane, causing me to lose control of my car. I hit the guardrail and crossed two lanes of traffic, and my car turned halfway around. I sustained injuries to my neck, lower back, shoulder, and left side. I decided to obtain representation from Attorney Jim Hurley because he was my attorney for another case. The paralegal was respectful and helpful when I had questions regarding my case. In the end, I was pleased with my settlement. I would recommend the Cooper Hurley Law Firm to anyone injured in an auto accident.”


“Thanks so much to John Cooper and his law firm for their steadfastness and confidence in helping me with a wrongful death case. If it had not been for the help of John Cooper, I might have given up because of the difficulties surrounding my sister’s loss of life. I was extremely happy with the outcome and the patience and endurance which John showed in overcoming all of the obstacles. John’s assistants, especially Kelly, were outstanding and often reassured me by saying “Don’t worry, we have everything under control.” I will definitely recommend everyone I know to them for a personal injury case.”


“I got hurt in the Hampton Roads area when a car backed into me while I was walking through a parking lot at work. I broke my wrist and needed immediate medical attention. The insurance company did not want to pay my claim so I needed legal help. Thankfully, a friend of mine referred me to the Cooper Hurley Law Firm. They explained the process to me and made sure I understood what my rights were. I was very comfortable with the way the folks at the law firm treated me. While I was recovering from my injuries, their legal assistant would call to make sure I was doing okay. Once I finished treatment, the firm worked hard to get me a settlement that I was happy with. I would gladly refer all my family to the Cooper Hurley Law Firm if they every get hurt in a car accident.”


“I heard about FELA lawyer John Cooper from my union rep after I was hurt in an on-the-job railroad accident. I’m so glad I was represented by Mr. Cooper. He was straightforward, honest, responsive, and extremely helpful. He did a great job of explaining complex legal terms in “layman’s terms.” Any question I had, he was available and responsive. I would hire Mr. Cooper again if I ever needed a railroad accident injury attorney. I felt like I was David and the railroad company was Goliath. John Cooper was the stone in my sling. He kept me fully informed and updated on a regular basis which was very important for me.”


“I was injured in a car accident when a car in the lane next to me made an unsafe lane change. The accident happened in Norfolk, Virginia. I was hurt in the accident and wound up in the emergency room. I was referred to the Cooper Hurley Law Firm. I contacted the office and they answered the phone immediately and were very helpful. I was able to speak to Jim Hurley right away and he explained what the process would be if I hired his law firm. I was impressed with the Cooper Hurley Law Firm’s quick response to my needs and I am happy with the outcome of my car accident case. Jim’s staff kept me informed and called me frequently to check up on my condition. Being in a car wreck was not fun and I hope you never have to go through it. However, if anyone you know does, then I would highly recommend Jim and the rest of the staff at the Cooper Hurley Law Firm.”


“I was hurt as a passenger in a car wreck in Suffolk, Virginia. My case with John Cooper was handled promptly and he was very responsive to me. The staff was knowledgeable and did an excellent job working up my case. I want to thank you for showing so much compassion in the handling of my automobile accident case. I was in a lot of pain from the wreck physically and emotionally. You went above and beyond the call of duty for an attorney. I would certainly recommend anyone I know in Tidewater, Virginia to you for a car wreck injury case. I appreciate all you have done to help me in handling the lawsuit and getting me through this tough time. I would definitely refer anyone to you for help with an injury or accident claim against an insurance company.”


“John Cooper: thank you for helping me when I got hurt at a hotel on dangerous stairs. I want to let you know how much I appreciate your hard work on my slip-and-fall accident case. The overall results in terms of money were very good, and I appreciate the quick way that you handled the case. I was impressed by your professional courtesy in always returning phone calls. I like to deal with people who are honest and who keep their word. You are that kind of straight shooter. You always told me exactly what to expect as the insurance claim went forward and made me feel comfortable. When I need an attorney in northeast North Carolina I am going to call you and I recommend you to anyone else who is seriously hurt because you went the extra mile for me.”


“I was really happy with the work that John Cooper did on my Hampton, Virginia auto accident case. We went to mediation and got the case resolved for a good amount, which will let me do things to help my financial future, like buying a house. During the entire process, John kept me and my family informed about what to expect and what I needed to do. I am really glad not to have to go to trial and think that the reason we got such a good outcome was in part because of my lawyer’s hard work in getting ready for mediation and forcing the insurance company to be fair.”


“The way I selected John Cooper as my injury lawyer was that my Dad, who use to work for the railroad, knew him. When the lady ran into my work truck not far from our home in Hanover County, Virginia, my mother and father were there at the scene and saw me all banged up and unconscious. I ended up spending 5 days in the hospital and had to use a walker and crutches to get around because of broken bones in my hip and back for several months. One thing that I liked is that the attorney spent enough time with me and my family talking about the injury and making sure that I knew my legal options. There were a lot of different issues that the lawyer knew how to manage having to do with the underinsured motorist coverage, worker’s compensation insurance, and dealing with paying the big medical bills that I had from the hospital. I really felt like John Cooper was looking out for my best interests in the lawsuit.”


“I was very happy that John Cooper handled this wrongful death case for my son, whose father was killed in a truck accident near Roanoke, Virginia. John really took the time to listen to me and what I was concerned about. By the end of the case, I really felt like he was not only my trusted lawyer, but also my friend. I was recommended to John by another attorney that my husband knew. That attorney said that john Cooper was the lawyer to hire for any big, important injury case. I felt that John and his office let me know at each step of the case what was going on with the lawsuit. He made sure that everything went smoothly in dealing with the insurance company and the other lawyers. John made me feel like mine was the only case he was working on, though I know he is very busy with lots of cases. I knew what amount of money I thought was fair going into the mediation. I was happy when John was able to get my son, not only the amount of money that I was looking for, but even more. Even after the case was settled, I continued to hear from John and he seemed to take a genuine interest in trying to help me and my son.”


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The Newport News, Virginia Beach and Norfolk, VA personal injury law firm, Cooper Hurley, handles car, truck, and motorcycle injuries as well as brain injury, wrongful death, railroad workers’ injuries (FELA) mesothelioma and medical malpractice cases.
John Cooper grew up and was educated in Virginia Beach and handles many cases from the city. John Cooper and his partner Jim Hurley have more than 40 years of combined experience in handling personal injury claims.
John Cooper has been named to Virginia “Super Lawyers” since 2010 and has been a member since 2011 of the Multimillion dollar Advocates Roundtable. Cooper Hurley represents people hurt in accidents in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News and throughout Virginia as well as in north eastern North Carolina. We always put the best interests of our clients first. The firm is recognized by other lawyers as “AV” by Martindale-Hubbell, a national attorney rating service, for our top level of legal skill and highest ethical standards. If you need help or advice about a serious injury, please call us at (757) 309-4711 or make an appointment to visit our Virginia Beach office at 4445 Corporation Lane, Suite #187, Virginia Beach, VA, 23462. For a free consultation with a specialized Norfolk or Virginia Beach, VA personal injury lawyer contact us through this website